The application connects travelers and requesters from around the world to achieve mutual collaboration. Travelers can take advantage of the free space of their luggage to deliver items required by applicants and earn a reward in return. Travel and give a sacarona!
As a requester you have almost all the products of the world at your fingertips. Buy and save money in the simplest and safest way by asking for a sacarona. Learn more information in our FAQ section.
Available for Android 4.4 and later. Soon for iOS and website.


As TRAVELER, earns a reward on your next trip by helping a requester carry their item in your free luggage space!
As REQUESTER, you save money by searching for a traveler who takes an article from another part of the world to your hands.

Here we show you an example of how to ask or give a sacarona.


As a traveler, post your next destination, making it easy for requesters to contact you in search of an item.

2Search and Choose

Make a search for requesters and find items that you are willing to carry in your free space to your next destination or your city of return.

3Get in Touch

Outside the application you will contact them to indicate where you can receive the article before your trip.


Receive the reward once you meet the requester at your destination and you give them the item!


Post all the items you want. Preferably online products that you can buy yourself, or ask the traveler to buy them for you. You can send gifts, receive documents or that donation that you expected.

2Search and Choose

Find travelers whose destination is your city of residence or nearby, or the one where you want to send an item. Choose the best option for you.

3Get in Touch

Once a traveler accepts your request, you will contact them outside the application in order for the traveler to receive the desired item.


Once the Traveler is in your city and you two are in the agreed place, receive your dreamed item and give the reward!



Security a Priority

The idea is to have a trustworthy community, right? Sacarona offers an easy and safe way to acquire the item you've always been dreamed about.
Please, check our Security and Reliability Terms.


Sacarona wants a reliable community around the world. That is why we do a personalized verification of each user in addition to the automatic checks of social networks and credit cards used.

Insurance Sacarona

Also the item is protected by our automatic insurance being a traveler or a requester. Any item includes an insurance of up to $ 100.oo USD on the declared value. Applies to verified users. Does not apply to donations, used items or documents.

Additional Insurance

Acquires an extra insurance for the product by 2% on the declared remaining value. Applies to verified users.


It's much more practical with Sacarona. You buy online on the Traveler's country to its address. The Traveler receive your package and when the Travelers arrives to your hometown you receive your item. It doesn't get any easier than that!


Sacarona will be attentive to any unforeseen reported accompanying the case to get the satisfaction of each user.

Travel without fear

If you receive a product from a third party to deliver to a requester, for greater peace of mind you can ask the airport police review your luggage and that specific product. You are in your right. No other application tells you!


  • Currently the application is free but the reward must be paid to the traveler.
  • The reward is given by the requester. In other words, we do not withhold money, preventing all of us from losing with bank charges.
  • The basic charge includes a maximum insurance* of $100 USD. Does not apply with the free application > Sacarona - Free.
  • For items of higher value, you have the option to pay extra insurance*. Does not apply with the free application > Sacarona - Free.


  • of the reward offered.
  • Minimum value charged $ 0.99 USD. No charge with Sacarona - Free.


  • of the declared value or minimum $1.99 USD.
  • Currently it is not charged with Sacarona - Free. You must give the reward.
The sacarona fee must be paid by credit card. The reward offered is paid directly to the traveler in the local currency or in dollars at the meeting place. The *insurance applies in case you have selected qualified users with at least 4 stars (The fee and insurance doen't apply with Sacarona - Free).
As a requester you can ask for a free sacarona for items such as medicines and donations. If a traveler accepts, we also want to help, so we will not charge the basic fee to the traveler or the requester. Does not apply *insurance.

Square PaymentsThey are responsible for the security of transactions and information of your credit card. This service is integrated with Sacarona. * The Sacarona fee includes insurance for your product for up to $ 100.oo USD except for unrewarded requests. Items of higher value can be insured for a charge of 2% to the declared remaining value.

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